Exciting Bridal Party Ideas

An upcoming wedding day seems lackluster without pre-wedding parties, don’t you think? Preparing, planning, and organizing a wedding event is nowhere effortless even if you hire a wedding planner. Therefore, it is just appropriate that brides-to-be can take some time to breathe and enjoy themselves as singles during the bridal shower. Face it, girls; when you become moms someday, parties may not be an option anymore. On the one hand, this event may also be the best time to get to know more about your bridesmaids and all the other female members in the entourage and in the family of the bride and groom to be.

On the one hand, I am not saying though that organizing a bridal shower is easy, but it can always be a fun and effortless activity when a lot of heads would contribute to the success of the party. Firstly, bridal showers are usually organized by the bridesmaids for the bride. They are the ones who keep everything ready and fun for the bride and for the party guests, too. Hence, they do the majority of the planning and the organizing of the event, in which time should be the top priority. Never opt for a schedule that is too near the wedding day or too far from the wedding date. Late night party may cause under eye shadows while a bridal shower held a month prior to the wedding date may actually lose its main role, which is to pave the way to an exciting wedding day. A good date would be at least a week or two prior to the big day.


Another consideration to make bridal showers exciting is incorporating games in it. Exciting games can add more fun to the party and eliminate any major issues caused by too much alcohol due to lack of activities. Games like having a trivia for the couple-to-be would be a nice starter. A usual trivia game would have to be played in partners as each person will then compare their answers to see if they know well enough of each other. Pass the bouquet, guess the groom, and some other similar games all make bridal showers more enjoyable and memorable.

Finally, the gifts should also add more entertainment to the activity. Encourage the other girls or the guests to prepare naughty gifts like sexy underwear and boxers; black and sheer lingerie; personalized hoodie and tee; bath and body set that comprises of colognes, perfumes, and other aphrodisiac pieces; and gifts that somehow make her laugh and take her future role as a wife with excitement.

Of course, don’t forget getting the most beautiful dresses for your bridal party guests. Good selection of dresses will always make your party distinguishing. For more information about how to find fabulous yet affordable dresses for your bridesmaids and guests, you can check out this link provided by the sponsor of our website.